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Veterinary compounding allows veterinarians to solve medical problems by providing specially compounded medications, which will be able to meet the unique needs of each animal—pets, exotics, and zoo animals.  Compounding can provide a valuable benefit to today’s pet owners.

Compounding Solutions for Veterinary Needs!
Today’s pet owners expect a more advanced level of care so they will have a healthy, happy pet.  The following are some examples of how compounding can benefit many veterinary problems that pet owners may face.
Administration Problems
A pet that refuses to take a medication because of the taste can greatly benefit with a compounded medication.  The Custom Compounding Center is able to flavor medication that animals love.  For example, tuna flavored medication for cats, liver for dogs, and apple for horses.  Many medications can be made into a transdermal gel, which can be rubbed into an ear or other area.  This is an especially popular administration route for cats, which are notorious for refusing any medication in pill form.  For large animals that have difficulty with a liquid form of medication, a “chewie” can be made.
Dosage Problems
A medication for an 80-pound Labrador would be too much for an 8-pound Poodle.  Medications that come in only one strength can be altered to the correct strength for your pet.
 Commercially Unavailable Medicines
Animal medicine manufacturers often stop producing medicines and dosage forms for which there is a low demand.  However, there still might be need for such products.  We can obtain the necessary pharmaceutical grade chemicals and from them, compound individualized dosage forms that can be used.

We will work closely with your veterinarian to find the best medication solution for each animal.  All vet compounds require a veterinary prescription.