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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) requires a partnership with your physician and pharmacist with the overall goal of hormone balance so the body is functioning at its highest level.  At the Custom Compounding Center, we will compound or customize your hormone replacement using only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade hormones which are identical in molecular structure to what your body makes.  By contrast, synthetic hormones are intentionally different.  They are chemically different from what your own body makes, so they can be patented by drug manufacturers.  Thus, the compounded, customized hormones can be used to replace, not imitate your body’s natural hormones.

With all the information available (from diverse sources), it can be very difficult to decide what is safe and best for you.  Our goal is to give you the most current and accurate information in order for you to make the best decisions regarding your health care.  We encourage you to be informed!  The professionals at the Custom Compounding Center are available for hormone consultations by appointment.  At that time, a hormone assessment form will be completed and we will review your medical history and assessment form.  We can then discuss treatment options and make recommendations to your physician at your request.  Please call 1-800-939-5545 to set up your private consultation.

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