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Saliva Testing

Salivary hormone testing is a simple and accurate way to test hormone levels to determine if there is an imbalance.  When hormone levels (e.g. estrogens, progesterone, testosterone) are in the right proportions, our body systems are stable.  However, a wide range of unwanted symptoms can occur when the hormonal balance is lost.  We highly recommend saliva testing be done before starting any hormone replacement, with another saliva test done after 3 to 6 months of customized hormone replacement therapy.

Saliva vs. Blood Tests
Saliva testing has been used in scientific testing for decades and has been shown to be very accurate.  The hormones in saliva reflect the portion of the circulating hormones that are bioavailable—those hormones that are working at the cell level.  Standard blood hormone tests do not measure bioavailable levels.  Saliva hormone testing more accurately reflects the tissue uptake of hormones delivered through the skin in creams, gel, or patches than do blood tests.
Your Saliva Test
Saliva testing at the Custom Compounding Center is simple.  After consulting with your prescriber or with our compounding pharmacist to determine what hormone levels you need to test, we will provide you with the proper test kit. (We use ZRT lab saliva test kits.)  Follow the easy to use instructions provided in the kit and mail to ZRT lab in provided mailer.  Your saliva test kit results will be sent to the Custom Compounding Center.  These results will then be given to you.  Cost of saliva testing will vary with the number of tests done.